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We’ve got a great community of athletes using our Training Plans and Packages, and we’re working hard on the details to get our doors open for group classes at our new location!

CrossFit – Our foundational philosophy is based on the CrossFit methodology – an evidence-based program that drives achievement and produces results. It’s also infinitely “scalable” – which means that everyone can do it, regardless of fitness level: the workouts are easily “scaled” – adjusted – to ensure that every athlete, regardless of where they are in their fitness journey, gets a great workout based on their individual ability. We’ve got CrossFit classes that run every weekday, multiple times a day – because the approach is that effective, and because we want to provide a class schedule that meets your busy schedule.

Fundamentals/Boot Camp – These classes are built in a “boot camp” kind of approach, which is a fun, engaging way to really challenge your body without the more dynamic weightlifting movements common to CrossFit. While no weight lifting is involved, make no mistake – the resistance and challenge that comes with a bodyweight workout is enough to push some of the best athletes, and it’s a great fit for anyone looking to get in shape and get a great workout in. These classes also allow for some optional extra time at the end of class (but still within the class hour – we know how valuable your time is!) for “fundamentals” work, which will focus on the foundational movements of safe, effective weight lifting technique.

Free Intro Class – a great way to get exposed to our culture and approach, these classes run twice a week and are completely free.  The workouts will be appropriate for all fitness levels, and you’ll get to learn a bit about what we do and who we are at CrossFit Una Stamus. The best part – no sales pitch. We promise!

New You 6-Week Challenge – this is a special program we offer to a special cohort of folks, but we don’t take just anyone: There’s an application to fill out and a selection process, and we run just one group in the morning and one in the evening for the full two weeks. It’s a focused, transformational experience that includes pre- and post-assessments, nutritional counseling, and workout tips – all in the supportive environment of your fellow Challengers. If you’re interested in learning more about this program, drop us an email.

Take a peek at our Class Schedule to see what times might work best for you, or click here to request more info

You’re ready. And so are we.

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