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Group Fitness and Personal Training are the core of what we do, offering a great fitness experience in either a group setting or through a 1:1 approach.


In our group fitness classes, we primarily use the CrossFit methodology of high-intensity, constantly varied, functional fitness. It’s an approach that works, and that provides results. But, one of the best things about our group fitness approach is the supportive atmosphere that keeps people pushing to be better, accountable to their “teammates” in the class, and striving for personal growth. It’s been said many times, and it’s true: CrossFit is one of the few places where the athlete to finish last is cheered for as hard as the one who finishes first.

Our group fitness classes include our CrossFit classes, our Fundamentals/Boot Camp classes, and our New You Challenge program. See our schedule and find a time to come in and check out one of our classes.

You’re ready. And so are we.

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