Cost is always a question, and it should be. It’s important. You need to get a good value for your money. That said, the type of fitness programming we offer can be a little different than what some folks expect with a gym membership – but, there is a lot included, and it WORKS.

Included with membership, you get:

  • Personal, dedicated coaching from our specially-trained coaching team (connecting with people where they are in their fitness journey is our specialty)
  • Access to our fitness classes (CrossFit, Fundamentals/Boot Camp) and Open Gym, with qualified coaches involved in each class
  • Fitness, nutrition, and coaching guidance for a holistic fitness approach (“abs are made in the kitchen,” as Schwarzenegger said in his bodybuilding days!)
  • 1-1 goals meeting and fitness assessment with our coaches
  • Open invitation to all of our community events
  • Open gym access at no additional charge with the “Unlimited” membership
  • Fitness Tracking App for tracking big personal records (PRs), fitness progress, and general achievements in the gym
  • Private social media access for communicating with other members and to keep up-to-date on gym activities

You’ll also see some great results. We’ve done a lot of training in our lives, and nothing compares to the results we see from this type of training. It really, truly works. We’re excited to get you involved!

There are a few membership options, to give you a sense of what the possibilities are:

  • An “Unlimited” membership, where you can attend as many classes as you want each week and each month, as well as any Open Gym time you want to pop in for.
  • A “4x per week” membership, which gives you the chance to attend any classes 4x per week – but we really allow 16 sessions per month, even if you go more than 4x in one week and less in the next week – which can be really helpful for anyone with a variable schedule.
  • A “3x per week” membership, which allows you to attend essentially 12 sessions in the month whenever it works best for your schedule to get in to work out with us.

With each membership, we also offer discounts for members of our police, fire, EMS, and active military services – as well as a discount for additional family members who want to join up as well.

For those new to our programs and just starting out, we’ve got a special introductory rate for our Fundamentals Program – and we’ve also got Punch Card options as well for those who are looking to supplement their training when it fits into their busy schedule.

Click here to Request More Info about our prices, or to learn more about our membership options.

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