Sport-Specific Training

Our training is based on a general preparedness program (GPP) philosophy, where the CrossFit methodology is meant to build functional fitness to make you better at what you want to do every day: Work. Play. Live.

Building on this foundation, though, is the sport-specific training offered at Una Stamus Fitness that helps our athletes crush the goals they have set for themselves in their own area of passion.

With personal experience on our coaching staff in obstacle course races (OCRs), triathlons, martial arts, road races, CrossFit competitions, and sports like hockey and basketball – supplemented by both academic understanding and experience in training athletes in a number of other sports – our programs have helped athletes reach new levels in their own athletic endeavors.

Request info on a customized training plan for your own sport or athletic goals, or to learn more about how our group fitness classes can build toward your sport-specific interests.

You’re ready. And so are we.

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