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Customized Training Plans are a great resource for athletes who want to work out on their own, but want to partner with someone for professional workout programming and motivational accountability.

Each 4-Week Customized Training Plan package includes:



Introductory 1-hour meeting to do baseline assessment of your experience and options (accessibility to equipment, best fit for home and work schedule, challenges/hurdles to success in exercise/nutrition, etc.), establish training goals, and get details to build monthly training plan;


4-week layout of daily exercise recommendations tailored to your specific circumstances (schedule, goals, preferences, equipment availability, etc.);


Weekly goal progress review for motivational accountability and feedback on training progress;


Regular electronic check-ins via social media/Facebook/messenger/email (client preference);


High-level nutrition guidelines and tips tailored to your goals and schedule


End-of-plan touch-base to review goals, training; progress/successes/challenges; provide motivational accountability, and to keep your routine fresh and avoid boredom.

All this is included for just $59 for your 4-week plan, or save even more – and stay committed to your goals – by signing on for an 8-week plan (over 5% off!) or a 12-week plan (over 10% off!).

It’s a great value to get a professional partner to help you get the results you want!

Personal Training & Coaching Packages are perfect for the athlete (ANY level athlete – and yes, this also means those of you who don’t think they are athletes at all!) who wants a professional partner throughout their workouts.

We specialize in helping those who need extra guidance to even know where to begin, as well as those who have a history of being physically active but need the push of a dedicated coach and a solid workout plan to kick-start their return to fitness.

Professional workout programming, goal tracking & nutritional guidance, and by-your-side coaching during your workouts to ensure proper technique, ongoing motivation, and in-the-moment feedback – you get it all with these personal training sessions.

You’re ready. And so are we.

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